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Kind words from customers

" Wow, I just received my order, which I only placed yesterday. It came so beautifully wrapped and with the most gorgeous note. Thank you for such a thoughtful package. When you are so used to ordering online and get surprised with such care and kindness, it is so beautiful and so appreciated, thank you! "


" My daughter in America ordered "Yoga for Giraffes," as a gift to add to my collection. It arrived beautifully packaged, the note and the little surprise a wonderful touch! "

Clive Hosken

My parcel came so beautifully packaged with a precious note inside. I played the Memory Game with an 11 year-old client (developmentally at 8 years), and he absolutely loved it!! I also did, it was so much fun. I highly recommend this product to parents, teachers, OT's and play therapists.

Over the Rainbow Play Therapy

" We really appreciate your classes and teachings. I love hearing all their mantras and seeing all their poses. I feel like learning yoga is one of the best gifts for children. Thank you for our books. "

Clare Straydom

" Hi Hannah, a very big thank you for the special messages for everyone. You'll never believe how true they are for each of them! We love our books. "

Ameera Hoosen

" The Mix & Match game by The Little Yogi's makes for a great bedtime routine and sets the tone for positive energy and thoughts right before bedtime. My little girl (age 6) and little boy (age 4) enjoy special brother and sister bonding time every night. It's heart warming and special to watch these little hearts say, "I am brave, I am beautiful and I am loved! "

Verona Pillay

" We had so much fun in today's class learning new poses as we played the memory card game. Each pose has a beautiful affirmation that we said once we were in the pose. I can't wait to use my cards in my other classes. "

The Little Yogi Owls

" My daughter is autistic so she loves order and sorting things. The cards appeal to her visual and organisational sense. "

Marisa de Bruyn

" We love Mohau's yogi poster and affirmation colouring cards. The best of all was the message to Mohau and we read it out loud to her. Thank you so much! "

Matilda Sefike