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Meet Hannah

Kind words from customers

We really appreciate your classes and teachings. I love hearing all their mantras and seeing all their poses. I feel like learning yoga is one of the best gifts for children. Thank you for our books.

Clare Straydom

Hi Hannah, a very big thank you for the special messages for everyone. You'll never believe how true they are for each of them! We love our books.

Ameera Hoosen

" We had so much fun in today's class learning new poses as we played the memory card game. Each pose has a beautiful affirmation that we said once we were in the pose. I can't wait to use my cards in my other classes."

The Little Yogi Owls

" My daughter is autistic so she loves order and sorting things. The cards appeal to her visual and organisational sense. "

Marisa de Bruyn

" We love Mohau's yogi poster and affirmation colouring cards. The best of all was the message to Mohau and we read it out loud to her.Thank you so much! "

Matilda Sefike